Make Your Website Truly Global With International eCommerce Solutions

Posted on 30 Apr 2018
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Thanks to the abilities of the World Wide Web to connect people with products and services instantly, we can all enjoy the benefits provided by a truly worldwide marketplace. Not only does it help to provide customers with more choice and the best opportunity to find what they need, but it also gives businesses the chance to reach a larger audience (even better defining it, to reach a particular kind of customer).

If you're looking to expand your eCommerce brand, opening up to a wider audience, have you considered the benefits of international eCommerce solutions? With the lines between locations, currencies, even languages, becoming ever blurred in today's online world, the need to take advantage to grow your online business now, is simply vital in order to experience long-term success.

The Benefits Of An International eCommerce Solution

Being in a position to take advantage of a worldwide marketplace will mean that you will need to be able to appeal to a worldwide audience. You will need to provide them with the opportunity to go with your service, rather than giving them an excuse to leave. It's understandable that if the website in question doesn't offer products in their local currency or if they cannot understand the language of the website, then customers may look elsewhere.

What about if you've got more than one website or need to pay different tax rates? International eCommerce solutions are designed to negate these issues by streamlining the selling process, ultimately helping the business to place its energies down other avenues.

In order to make your eCommerce website multilingual, you will need a platform that is able to translate text and images, contained within the design of your website, into the user's local language. This will ensure that users are able to access the information they need to understand the product, leading to a likely conversion.

Another major turn-off for international customers is the website that they're looking at isn't integrated with a multicurrency module. Due to the fluctuating nature of markets, it isn't always possible for people to work out immediately, how much a product would cost in their own currency. By integrating with a multicurrency module, you will have in place an automatic currency exchange that will display the price of the product to the customer, in the correct currency, at the correct rate.

Just some of the other benefits offered by international eCommerce solutions include:

  • Multiple payment methods that provide a multitude of localised payment services to customers with options that are relevant to their particular location. With the security of online payments being a natural concern for many, they would want to pay by a method that suits them. Provide them with that ability.
  • Multiple taxation models exist across the globe. Most international eCommerce solutions can provide a module that will be able to handle these complex and time-consuming jobs.
  • Multi-site management will give you the option to launch multiple retail or B2B sites, each with their own particular look, product range and navigational structure. You will also have the option to control them from a single management console. This will help to make the process of exploring new markets much easier, cost-effective and less time-consuming.
  • Multi-Language Marketing. The issue with an ineffective multilingual system is that any keywords you use in your SEO and PPC campaigns will most likely change once they have been translated. This is something that is often true for specific brand names, for example. International eCommerce solutions can help you to keep aware of any specific local differences, further helping you to shape your marketing campaigns to reflect these local disparities.

Make Your eCommerce Truly Global, With Advansys

Here at Advansys, we are a world-leading eCommerce agency that has spent many years creating innovative platforms that allow our clients to get the most out of their online business. Just as it is in any aspect of business, being able to carefully research the advantages of a global retail solution is vital in ensuring that your business is a success. This is precisely why your online marketing campaigns must be optimised to each of the specific markets that you're targeting. Doing this can only help to convey the correct information to interested customers.

Our global eCommerce platform is able to boast multilingual and multicurrency capabilities, as well as a wide range of marketing modules that are able to perform a multitude of techniques designed to bring in as much international traffic as possible, right from the moment your website(s) goes live. Whether it's building eCommerce websites from scratch, improving the functionalities of an existing site, incorporating a CMS and modules that are better shaped to serve the needs of the business, or marketing a brand to reach a multitude of customers; we are able to create a bespoke strategy that will ultimately improve the running of your online business.

Why not get in touch with us today to begin your journey in achieving an eCommerce solution that will help to progress your business to the next level?

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