Ten Tips For Selling Via The Marketplaces

Posted on 03 Aug 2016
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Online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay attract thousands of customers a day. How do you take advantage of this vast number of potentialcustomers? Here at Advansys we have a simple solution; multi-channel eCommerce solutions.

By using a multi-channel service, you can relax and direct your efforts to where they are needed. Here are ten top tips for selling via the marketplaces.

1. Answer Customer Questions Quickly
By answering any customer questions quickly you can increase the chance that the potential customer will purchase the item from you. Perhaps the seller has sent the same question to both yourself and your competition. In this scenario, whoever responds first is likely to win the sale. With Smartphones it's now easier than ever to reply to questions.

2. Describe Your Product As Accurately As Possible
This might sound like a no-brainer. However, if you bought a product and it didn't arrive 'as advertised' you'd be likely to send it back or leave a negative review. As much as 88% of customers treat online reviews with the same level of trust as personal recommendations. So it is paramount that you reduce the possibility of negative reviews, so make sure you describe the product as accurately as you possibly can.

3. Grammar
According to moneysavingexpert.com a fashion listing on eBay described as “men's" closed at £31; whereas “mens" ended at £19. Having correct grammar makes your listings look professional and thus more trustworthy.

In fact because listings with poor grammar sell for less, websites such as FatFingers help people search for such listings in order to find a bargain. Don't let your product sell for less than it is worth, check your spelling and grammar.

4. Make It Unique
Just because you're selling a product that isn't unique, does not mean the experience of buying from you cannot be. A small thank you note, a company logo sticker or even some free small items can make a difference between a customer returning to you for more items and them opting to do business with a competitor.

Don't go overboard with freebies though, keep it small. For example, if you're selling musical equipment, perhaps through in a few free guitar picks. Adding a little extra sets you above the rest and thus puts you ahead of your competition.

5. Stay Safe Online
So this isn't a dedicated tip for multichannel eCommerce, it applies for a multitude of activities online. However, changing your password regularly and ensuring that you never use the same password twice is paramount to your safety. If some website you used five years ago is compromised and your Amazon and eBay accounts use the same username and password, those accounts are compromised and you don't want to risk the security of those accounts.

In order to keep your accounts safe. Use a dedicated email address, use a hard to guess password and wherever possible, use 2-step verification.

Professional Multi-Channel Ecommerce Solutions From Advansys

Here at Advansys, our multi-channel eCommerce software can improve the cost-effectiveness of a wide range of businesses. If you're interested in utilising our experience or you're looking for more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with our professional and highly knowledgeable team today on 0845 838 2700. Alternatively, if you would prefer to contact us via email, you can do so at sales@advansys.com.

We’re always happy to help and can help you take your business in the right direction.

You are always welcome to visit us in our Wokingham office or you can also call us on 0118 380 0201 and drop us a message via our the website.

We'd love to show you how you can get more web traffic and leads, increase your online sales, provide better customer service & grow online.

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