The Challenges Of Cross Border Ecommerce

Posted on 29 Oct 2014
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Having an ecommerce website opens businesses to almost the whole world because of the global nature of the Internet. This means there are billions of potential more customers out there a business can reach, but actually reaching them is no easy task. Cross border ecommerce is growing all the time but attracting these new customers raises some problems

What Are The Challenges Of Cross Border Ecommerce?

Cross border ecommerce

Provides a lot of potential opportunities, but there are a number of challenges to overcome in order for a business to be successful internationally as well as at home.

Language Barrier

If a businesss site is only available in English, it will only attract English speaking shoppers. Although many people across the globe speak English, they are still only in the minority. Therees a huge majority which the business is not attracting. However, there are a couple of ways to overcome this obstacle. At Advansys, we offer multi-lingual solutions. This includes translating your contents into any language you need and offering multi-lingual functionality. Different options and descriptions can be entered for each language and pulled through for the language the user has selected.

Localised Pages

Simply translating content will not be enough to fully engage with customers from other countries. To attract and engage with customers at home, a website needs to include user targeted content. This content will not work internationally. To improve conversions, a

Cross border ecommerce

Site should include a location specific catalogue which displays products popular for that area.

Website Management

As international ecommerce has grown, weeve learnt a one website to serve all strategy is not the best way to attract international customers. Having a number of country-specific sites is more convenient for customers. They offer better localised products and contents, and less expensive shipping options. Country specific sites are also more SEO friendly. This can be very difficult to manage, but at Advansys we offer multi-skin ecommerce solutions so businesses can now manage every site from one content management system.

The Opportunities Of Cross Border Ecommerce.

The UK is one of the biggest international ecommerce export countries in the world and the growth of

Cross border ecommerce

Will only increase. According to eBay, by 2018 spending across borders will be worth almost $307 billion, with $130 million cross border shoppers. To tap into this huge opportunity, though, businesses need an easy to manage, cost effective solution. If a business overcomes these challenges then it will increase its revenue stream, expand its brand, and boost conversion rates and sales abroad.

Advansys Offer The Best In Cross Border Ecommerce Solutions.

Advansys has years of experience in ecommerce and offer a range of global ecommerce solutions to help businesses expand worldwide. We know the challenges can be daunting, but we can make it easier with a framework to help localise content and manage multiple sites in one content management system.

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