Why Should Brands Go Omni Channel This Year?

Posted on 19 Jun 2014
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When it comes to ecommerce, omni-channel means having a presence in all forms. What this means is omni-channel ecommerce is e-retail that uses all available forms of customer interaction. While it may seem obvious that brands should be using every possible means of communicating with potential customers, not all are. Here's why your brand should be utilising omni channel ecommerce right now.

What's Great About Omni-Channel Ecommerce?

Using all forms of customer interaction means utilising all forms of media and devices including online and physical stores, radio and TV exposure, a strong online presence and being present on phones and tablets in the form of an app. In June 2013, sales through mobile alone rose an incredible 136% compared to the previous year. Retailers that have multiple channels of commerce open see a huge increase in sales.

Once a strong brand has been created, the brand must be maintained and a key aspect to this is by having a strong online presence - in particular on social media. An example of this is a customer who has been to the retailer's website, signing up to a newsletter, which is then sent to them via email. The newsletter showcases offers and deals, some of which are only available in-store. The customer goes to the store and by the time they have left; they have seen products that they previously had not noticed when they had been looking online because when browsing through a website a customer can choose not to see products.

When in-store, they are aware of other products and when they come back to the physical store, they may purchase products that they would not have been aware of had they simply stuck to online shopping. This is an example of how omni channel ecommerce can drive sales.

When customers sign up to various retailers, they give away details. This information, such as surname, post code and address, offer the retailer a gateway. Through this gateway, the retailer can hook the customer and gain the chance to deliver more offers, and gain more sales.

By making use of all available commerce channels, whether online or offline, a retailer has used all of the tools available at their disposal and has maximised all of their opportunities with the customer. Stores are also making more use of methods such as NFC payments, which let the customer pay through their phone.

As you can see, omni-channel ecommerce pays off hugely for the brands involved. Is your brand currently taking an omni-channel approach?

The Best Omni-Channel Solutions From Advansys

Think your business could benefit from a multi channel approach? Do you want to see a huge increase in revenues and conversion rates? Then contact us here at Advansys. We can provide you with the very best in omnichannel ecommerce solutions. We have designed bespoke e-commerce solutions for a huge number of satisfied customers, and we have a wealth of experience that we can apply to your project.

If you want to feel the benefits that an omni channel strategy can bring, contact us today on 0845 838 2700 or through email at sales@advansys.com. You can also use send us a message through our contact form.

We’re always happy to help and can help you take your business in the right direction.

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