Why Would People Buy From Your eBay Store?

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Your ebay store is the central location eBay users will visit to see your latest products and offers, therefore its essential your eBay store design is well designed to ensure your latest products and services are clearly featured and recognised.

But what can be done to attract people to buy from your eBay store? We have asked our eBay shop designers to explain:

Promote your brand identity

Brand identity is key to success online. Therefore its essential you have a professional looking logo design clearly displayed at the top of your eBay store design. A professional corporate identity will increase customer confidence and trust, essential for successful sales.

Include Banners advertising your latest offers and categories

Its important to up-sell your product range and services, and what better way than to make good use of a banner designs. Whether it's static, or a flash animated banner you will encourage clicks to your products.

Promote your payment returns policy

When buying online, an understanding of payment and returns policy will ensure trust, that's why you should aim to promote these details on your eBay store or eBay listings page design.

Professional eBay store and listings template design

To ensure maximum customer confidence on eBay, you should have a professional eBay store template design, and listings page design. Here at advansys we can design your eBay store any way you want, even reflecting your website design or ecommerce solution.

Take a look at the eBay store designs from the eBay store designers at advansys.

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