Network Security is Important to Ecommerce Sites

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Network security is a very important factor when it comes to ecommerce websites and website development. Our reliance on computer systems continues to grow on a daily basis, and with attackers always looking for new ways to penetrate a networked computer system it is important to keep one step ahead of them.

What Techniques Do Hackers Employ?

Some of the clever techniques used by attackers include brute force and dictionary attacks on a system. As a network administrator it leaves me a big responsibility to make sure the network is secure and to prevent unauthorised access to our website development sites. On a daily basis I make sure that all of the correct firewall rules are in place, and the antivirus database is fully up to date.

A main issue with web security is granting permission to an IP or domain; it is important to only allow access to specific domains rather than any domain which can cause the 'gates' to open for attack. Another method to monitor the network security is by looking into log files, firewalls installed onto a computer provide the ability to log every action done by any user on that particular ecommerce website computer system.

The logs will provide information on any unusual activity, and also state the specific website development folders which have been affected. However the most dangerous issue when it comes to system security is the human element.

Choose Highly-Secure eCommerce Solutions; Choose Advansys

Most users are unaware of the risks currently out there, therefore educating users about the risks and how to spot an attack is most vital in protecting information.

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