Amazing Web Design Trends For 2015

Posted on 11 May 2015
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With the new year well under way and with the internet the fast paced juggernaut that it is, it is only wise that websites evolve with it. So here we predict some of the key trends that Ecommerce websites will undertake in 2015 so that we can explore new avenues and directions to maximise conversions and revenues.

Website Design Trends For 2015

  • Mobile Websites – Mobile design will have a massive impact on web design. For the last few years interactive and responsive design has been evolving to integrate online experiences seamlessly across all platforms. This has taken form in multiple ways both simply and complex with responsive and mobile-first design approaches being at the forefront. We are now at the point where we can start to see just how intuitive Ecommerce website experience can be.
  • Optimise For Your Audience – The volume of data available now on prospective and current customers means that Ecommerce can channel and actively target who they want. Market segmentation should continue to grow in 2015 as should more specific targeting of niche audiences. Targeted advertising with up-selling and product suggestions could become very common. You can make more profit as you know exactly where to spend your money in a marketing process rather than blanket costs where money is wasted.
  • #Embrace Social Media – this is integral to Ecommerce nowadays due to the massive reach you can get for your company using such simple methods. Not using it can be a massive disadvantage. It allows the platform for others to share positive reviews about your company with their friends. If you embed share links near your product they can reach their friends on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. 62% of people are more likely to buy a product and conversion rates increase when they see a review from other users and that figure can only be increased by someone they know. At Advansys we are experts in ecommerce and internet marketing so therefore we can optimize your site in the ways to help you maximize sales.
  • Retargeting – A trend that is expected to grow constantly in the coming year is retargeting of consumers. This means that consumers who visit your Ecommerce websites and don't end up making a purchase and also those who do see a large volume of your business' advertisements when browsing on the internet. This technique allows you to stay at the top of the mind of users and can be a very powerful and almost subliminal tactic that could prove to be very successful for your Ecommerce business. You are spending money to get people to buy from your store who are already interested in your services or products so the investments come with quite a high chance of being a catalyst for maximizing your profits and conversion rates.
  • Seamless URL Changes – This is a really exciting change and could provide wonderful benefits to your business. It provides a user experience that is entirely immersive and seamless. NBC news provides a great example of this method. Users may not even realize they are changing from page to page and even removes the necessity of pages at all by offering interaction that is unique to the Ecommerce websites.

High Performing Ecommerce Websites From Advansys

So to make sure your Ecommerce websites are of the highest quality and meet the latest trends tipped to make business boom in 2015 come to Advansys the digital marketing specialist whose highly skilled and dedicated team will endeavor to optimise your website to significantly increase conversions and help revenues to soar.

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