Benefits of Responsive Ecommerce Web Design

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The latest design trend to hit the web, responsive ecommerce design is a set of tools and techniques which 'rearrange' the way in which a website displays information.

What Is Responsive Ecommerce Design?

Responsive ecommerce design automatically detects the resolution and size of the display screen, and responds with a reactive and adaptive version of the layout. Where once there were questions as to whether ecommerce retailers needed a mobile site, consumer demand now dictates that brands need to optimise for a variety of different devices.

Hailed as the future of web design, responsive designs offer retailers the opportunity to boost sales on their ecommerce site. Whilst a relatively new technology, it can now be seen successfully working for a number of online stores.

The Benefits Of Responsive Web Design

  1. Increased Sales – Mobile traffic is increasing incredibly fast, accounting for more online sales than many retailers may realise. In 2012, 5.1% of web traffic came from mobile devices. By 2015, it is estimated that one billion people will be accessing the web exclusively via mobile devices – That's 51million potential sales heading to your website via a mobile device.
  2. Increased Traffic – If you are using email marketing to increase traffic to your website, a responsive design can also help. Based on data collected by Emailforge4, 14.8% of emails are opened on a mobile device. Of this, 47% were opened on an iPhone, 29% on an iPad and 20% on an Android.
  3. Improves UX – A responsive ecommerce design takes all the essential features from a desktop display and rearranges them into an easy to use and view design. You do not want to create a tiny version of you site for a smaller screen as this will limit functionality, reducing sales.
  4. 1 Responsive Design – Unlike with previous solutions for mobile devices, there is no longer a need to have individual layouts created. With a responsive ecommerce design the layout will automatically respond to the display screens resolution, adjusting to fit accordingly. Most responsive website designs operate using flexible grids which rearrange for any kind of screen size or orientation.

New Responsive Ecommerce Web Design From Advansys

At Advansys we offer our very own of the state of the art propriety platform, Razor. One of the fastest 'mobile-first' responsive solutions, it enables business owners and corporate organisations to manage all aspects of their ecommerce business anywhere with an internet connection.

The platform is built using Bootstrap, a technology developed by Twitter. This means that the platform is optimised from mobile upwards, rather than desktop down. Optimising the solution this way round enhances the functionality on mobile and tablets, which in turn will increase the sites performance, generating greater revenue and enhancing customer experience.

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