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Here at advansys, we are experts when it comes to designing ecommerce solutions. To maintain this status our graphic design team research and follow the latest trends in website design. We have asked our design experts to pull together some top tips for creating a fashion website design, all of which have been applied to our demo fashion ecommerce solution, Retail Fashion.

Fashion logo design

If you take a look at the most successful fashion logo designs, they are all very simple, clean and stylish, most of which actually only using a simple typeface. If you are aiming for a professional looking fashion website you should aim to follow these trends and design a logo with a suitable typeface and simple icon.

White space

Keep your fashion web site design super clean and stylish by making good use of white space. Using good spacing around images and text will give a fresh look, which looks highly professional and super stylish online.

Colour Scheme

The best colour choices for fashion website designs are black and white. Use of black results in a professional looking site, however it also symbolically relates to the fashion industry due to its ability to make an individual appear thinner. Keep fashion website designs simple and clean, and never use more than three colours. There is no set colour scheme for fashion website design as its down to the brand identity of the company, however aim for a colour scheme that looks highly professional and stylish for the best results.

Professional Images

Images at the end of the day are what make or break a fashion website design. All images should be high quality and fun, and experimental, and should follow fashion trends and seasons. Professional images will sell the products, make the design look great and ultimately result in success.

By following simple graphic design tips like these you will result in a professional fashion website design that looks great and performs well. Take a look at our demonstration site, retail fashion for a great example of using these techniques. Also take a look at our ecommerce design portfolio to see what we have already designed for so many companies.

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