Good First Impressions With Ecommerce Web Design

Posted on 13 May 2013
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Making a good first impression is one of the most important aspects of a successful ecommerce website. Not as simple as creating a pretty looking design, ecommerce web design is a mixture of design, psychology and industry knowledge.

The Halo Effect

Whilst the basics of good ecommerce web design is to make it look pretty, there is a lot more than just aesthetics involved. Known by psychologists as the Halo Effectt, the art of making something seem appealing to the human brain, is as much a science as it is an art form. In studies into the Halo Effectt, marketers and designers have found that we subconsciously impart good feelings onto an object, or in this case a website, in a split second. This means, that if the design of your website is pleasing to the eye, consumers and users are more likely to explore your site and view your products in a positive light. In research by Dr. Gitte Lindgaard of Carleton University, it was found that on average a website has just 1/20th of a second to attract the interest of a consumer. This means, that before they have even read about your USP or offers, users have made a decision as to whether they want to stay on your site.

Establishing A Good Ecommerce Web Design

For an ecommerce site to be pleasing to the eye, designers will often work around the F-Principlee. As the names suggests, it is based around the letter FF, and describes the pattern in which visitors will look over your site. Users will first move horizontally across the top of a page (the top of the F), and then down a level to the promotional banners or product tabs (lower bar of the F). Once they have done this, users will then scan your website vertically, looking at search listings (stem of the F). Based on this principle, most web designs will have a companyys logo in the top right with a catchy slogan or banner below. Part of a good ecommerce wed design is also the ease at which it can be scanned. As users take only 1/20th of a second to judge your website, it is important that they can quickly scan the home page and firmly establish a good first impression of your site.

The Value Of Creative Web Design

A good ecommerce web design is not just pretty, but effective. With the ability to turn visitors into customers, a web design can make or break the success of a site. If you are looking for a redesign or new ecommerce web design, talk to the design team at advansys. Providers of professional web design, they can ensure that your website is not only stylish and contemporary, but maintains high conversion rates. Skilled in techniques such as web 2.0, advansys can create an ecommerce web design, brochure site, or static website. Regardless of your business sector, we will endeavour to meet your requirements. For more information about e-commerce web design, call 0845 838 2700 or email

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