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National Tree Week is an annual event that celebrates trees and promotes tree planting. Taking place during the last week of November, there are many events and activities taking place across the country, including tree planting events, walks in forests and woodlands, and talks on tree care. it is a great opportunity for people to learn more about trees and their importance to our environment.

While National Tree Week is a time to reflect on the importance of trees and all they do for us, did you know that it also acts as a reminder for related businesses to have excellent garden website design? That's right - just as trees need the right mix of sun, water, and soil to thrive, your website needs the right mix of design, content, and functionality to reach its full potential.

If you run a horticultural business, is your website in the best condition it could be? Whether it acts as an online store, an information point and/or a way to get people to visit your physical location, it’s simply vital that it reflects your business and the services/products it offers.

The Importance of Great Garden Website Design

Why is it important that your website is cultivated just like the products you may relate as a horticultural business? Think about it – your website is like your online home. Just as you wouldn't want visitors to your physical home to be greeted by a messy living room or unkempt yard, you don't want visitors to your website to be greeted by an outdated design or confusing navigation. First impressions are important, and first impressions start with great design.

Your garden website design is also a reflection of your business. Would you do business with a company whose storefront was in disrepair? Probably not. The same goes for your website – if your website doesn't look professional, prospective customers will question whether or not your business is professional.

Finally, just as trees need the right mix of sun, water, and soil to reach their full potential, your website needs the right mix of design, content, and functionality to reach its full potential. If even one element is off, it can throw everything else off balance. That's why it's so important to work with a team of experienced professionals who can help you create a website that looks great, functions well, and accurately reflects your business.

And this is where our expert web designers can help.

Expert Garden Centre Website Design By Advansys

If you would like to learn more about website design for your gardening business, why not consider getting in touch with the expert team here at Advansys? Having been creating bespoke websites for many years now, we have built up a vast experience when it comes to creating innovative, secure websites for all manner of business operations.

Over the years, our team have worked on a variety of horticultural-related websites – from new start-ups who are wanting to get a foot through the door to established firms who may want to spin-off certain product ranges.

Just a selection of our garden centre website design work includes:

  • World of Felco. As a supplier of the innovative brand of garden tools, World of Felco were seeking a one-stop shop for their customers to easily locate everything they required. The responsive design we created allows for users to navigate across product pages, add items to their basket and check items out securely.

  • World of Watering. Seeing as there are a multitude of different devices when it comes to watering the garden, nurturing seeds and keeping shrubs in pristine condition, World of Watering required a garden website design that would clearly display their products, organising them by category, whilst still providing the vital information required by customers to make their choice. Our solution catered for all of that and the easy-to-traverse design allows for users to move between pages effortlessly.

  • Sunshine Garden Centre. Being an award-winning supplier of garden furniture and tools with almost 30 years of experience in the industry, the team behind Sunshine Garden Centre were seeking a new website design that would combine their sales of garden equipment, alongside a demonstration of their expertise and even a careers information portal. The new Sunshine Garden Centre website design by Advansys, not only caters for all of their requirements but it also evokes the branding and ethos of the business – ideal in building a connection and brand loyalty with customers.

  • Pennyhill Timber. Being a provider of high-quality timber, concrete and other sheeting materials for fencing and decking, Pennyhill Timber called upon Advansys to create them an easy-to-use eCommerce solution that would help them present their products in better-defined detail. Their new website takes advantage of our responsive design to clearly (and quickly) display their vast catalogue of items.

Please feel free to browse any of these sites to get a feel of the garden website design work we can carry out – do also take the time to have a look at our web design portfolio which contains a vast array of bespoke sites, designed for different industries.

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For a no-obligation chat about how your business can establish its own bespoke garden website, please feel free to give our team a call on 0118 380 0201. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to us at and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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