Is Responsive Web Design The Right Choice For Ecommerce Retailers?

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Ecommerce and m-commerce are two sectors of retailing that are growing rapidly year by year. In order to keep up, businesses can no longer rely on a single website. Retailers must begin offering a seamless browsing experience across a multitude of platforms including tablets, mobiles and other devices. Part of this is creating websites featuring responsive web design

What Is Responsive Web Design?

Essentially, responsive web design is about creating a website that will change fluidly based on the size of screen and the device the customer is browsing the website on. The goal is to create a smooth experience for customers, regardless of their device using one set of code. To do this, a site featuring responsive web design will feature the following:

  • Fluid Grids – These are percentage based columns that aid site design.
  • Flexible Media – This is media, i.e. videos or pictures, which scale to fit the space they are designed for, either up or down.
  • Media Queries – These are the queries that tell the browser at what point to modify and change page elements.

What Are The Benefits Of Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is becoming a necessity as ecommerce and m-commerce grows. However, it does have a number of benefits for a business:

  • Increase Mobile Sales – More and more people are using their Smartphones to shop. A properly integrated responsive mobile site, featuring clear page elements such as shopping baskets and check outs, will help improve usability and drive up mobile sales.
  • Multi-Device Adaptation – A responsively designed website will change based on the size of the screen. So content will move, images resize, and text may appear different. This is all done to create a seamless and user friendly shopping experience, without the need to download and install any apps. This will help strengthen your brand and user experience across all platforms.
  • SEO Improvements – Search engine optimisation is crucial in creating authority, improving conversion rates and gaining sales. With responsive design, your website will only have one URL for all applications. This makes it easy for Google to crawl and index your pages and increase your search engine visibility.
  • Improved Conversion Rates – With a properly designed responsive site, customers will use their tablets and phones, as well as desktops, to order products from your business. Ideally, it will be designed with the consumer in mind, which will in turn make it easier to use. This will then result in a higher conversion rate.

As you can see, for ecommerce retailers, responsive web design has a number of substantial benefits.

Advansys Are Ecommerce Solution Experts

At Advansys, we have a huge wealth of knowledge and experience in creating ecommerce solutions. We combine innovative technology and intuitive design to help retailers get the most from their ecommerce stores, including responsive web design and multi-channel ecommerce.

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