Is Your Business Ready For 2020 Web Design Trends?

Posted on 03 Dec 2019
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As we reach the beginning of December, the year starts to draw to a close. However, with the turning of the calendar meaning a brand new decade, it sparks the question, what does web design have in store for us next year? What design trends can we expect to see in the new decade?

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Is Your Business Ready For 2020? 8 Things To Think About For Next Decade's Web Design

If you're looking for boosted traffic, increased conversion rates, more revenue, and a new website for the new decade, make sure you consider the following 8 trends for 2020 web design.

1. Custom Images

As we move into the next decade, it's important to consider how you can make your website unique and stand out from your competition. One way to do this is through the use of custom images and graphics. Additionally, customised images have the added benefit of being easily associated with your brand, which means if they see those images, or something similar; they'll be reminded of your website and your products, potentially inspiring a purchase.

2. Hidden Navigation

Website design trends for next year are moving towards cleaner and more spacious designs. One technique that can be very powerful is hidden navigation where the user experience is placed above all else and navigation fades into the background, only appearing when needed.

3. Bold Typography And 'Loud Fonts'

Everyone has their own idea of the ideal typography and the best fonts to use. After all, we've all heard the Comic Sans debate hundreds of times. In the current decade, fonts such as San Serif have been very popular and used across a diverse range of different industries, however as we move into the next decade and businesses look for ways that they can reach out to their target audience and provide a more unique experience, bold and 'loud' fonts are by their very nature hard to miss.

Taking one step further on the topic of fonts and typography is the idea of variable or dynamic fonts. These are special fonts which change and appear like multiple different fonts at once. For example, it could start as a thin gentle font like Courier New and then move into a more bold and powerful font such as Ariel Black; creating a very eye-catching and thought-provoking impression.

4. Integrated Artificial Intelligence

As time moves on, more and more leaps in AI technology are made and automation is becoming better and better. For example, some aspects of web design are able to be automated thanks to tools which utilise artificial intelligence. This allows designs more freedom to focus on their designs, giving them the tools they need to innovate, grow, and create more beautiful websites.
Additionally, AI can also be helpful from a user experience perspective. AI and automation can be used to help your website feel human. Often when compared to 'in real life shopping' the common disadvantage of shopping online is that human touch. However, through the use of AI and automation, you can create a website that personalises and tailors the website experience to the specific user by interpreting their behaviour, similar to how a shop assistant might recommend certain products after asking a few questions.

5. Augmented Reality

AR technology can be a fantastic tool for eCommerce stores, especially those selling clothes, jewellery, makeup, and even homeware items like furniture. One of the major advantages that 'brick and mortar stores' have over online shopping is the ability to try on items of clothing and see how it looks whilst you wear it, before you buy it. Augmented Reality technology provides online stores with the ability to provide a virtual changing room, so people can see how the clothing looks on them. However, this can extend to furniture items, where you could for example, take a photo of your living room and see how a chair looks with your existing furniture and home decorations.

6. A Farewell To Parallel Scrolling
Parallel Scrolling has been a design feature that has been exceptionally popular amongst many different industries, however whilst it does have a very desirable end result with the background scrolling alongside the foreground; it does have a significant impact on the site speed. Whilst some websites will be able to continue using their Parallel Scrolling designs, many may struggle to keep up with the competition's fast loading websites and as such, we could be saying farewell to the parallel design in 2020.

7. Voice Capable Design
Voice technology is growing significantly. More and more people are installing smart home and smart speaker devices such as Alexa and Google Home. As we move further into the next decade, it's safe to suggest that voice user interfaces are going to play a major role in how many people choose to navigate the web. We currently live in an age where many people will browse their favourite eCommerce stores on their Smartphone whilst relaxing on the sofa; voice technology represents a fantastic opportunity for eCommerce stores to provide a far superior user experience by making their website navigation and online purchases easier than ever before.

8. Quality Chat Bots
Chat bots can be a very powerful tool to help your business boost conversions, however if they are incorrectly utilised, they can negatively affect your customers' user experiences. Chat bots provide a significantly cheaper alternative to 24/7 support staff, however they can have disadvantages as they need to be frequently improved and updated with answers to new questions, otherwise they become a more expensive alternative to an FAQ page. However, with the proper support and a good quality chat bot program, you'll be able to provide your customers with a superb user experience and a quick solution to many of their problems.

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