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Wireless security is a very important factor when it comes to browsing websites safely. In particular, eCommerce websites are important as sensitive information such as bank details are transferred 'through the air'.

How Can You Make Sure That Your Website Is Protected?

There are a number of different security methods which can be used to encrypt the data on your ecommerce websites, the most common one is WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) that the majority of us use. This algorithm uses stream cipher RC4 for confidentiality and a 32 bit checksum which is used to validate the integrity of the data. Many hackers found a flaw in this algorithm which posed a security risk in many networks topologies.

The IEEE (a set of standards) then released the WPA2 which would solve the security flaws of WEP, and is suggested that this is the algorithm that you use on your wireless router for your ecommerce websites.

What many people don't realise is that the factory default password is the same on a large range of routers, so anyone with the ability to gain access to your network can easily use the default password, and perform man in the middle attacks which will intercept any data packets which are transferred through.

The best way to avoid this happening to your ecommerce websites is to simply change the password as soon as the network is set up, and to remove the option to allow access wirelessly to the network as this will mean only someone with physical access to the network will be allowed to change any settings on it.

Choose A Highly-Secure eCommerce Solutions Designer

Having these simple security features set up will allow safe web browsing for many different multi channel ecommerce websites.

For more information on how Advansys, one of the UK's most secure eCommerce solution development and web design agencies, can protect your ecommerce websites contact now.

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