Mobile Marketing For eCommerce Pt1

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Mobile marketing and mCommerce has been around for many years but only now are we really starting to see a significant increase in the use of mobiles to browse the web. Over the last few years smartphone sales have been increasing dramatically showing that this new format is the latest way to engage with the web.

Mobile eCommerce And Marketing – What's the Potential?

With this availability of the web always with us at our fingertips what does this mean for ecommerce? Well there are simply two approaches that can be taken towards mobile shopping. One can either bury ones head in the sand and pretend its not there, or it can be embraced as another portal to allow people to shop at your ecommerce solutions. I would suggest the second one as embracing the mobile shopper will significantly increase sales.

Mobile Email Marketing – So Many Benefits!

Over the last few years there has been a huge increase in mobile email viewership. The ability of being able to receive an email instantly where ever you are is an incredibly useful too for any businessman or woman. This can also be used to the advantage of mobile email marketing, getting people to join your email newsletter is now very important as latest deals and savings on you ecommerce website can instantly be delivered to many important clients.

An important thing to remember is to keep the emails simple and straight to the point, a lot of people will only read the from address and maybe the subject line so make sure this counts!

Segmentation – Don't Mix Your Mobile Users With Your PC Users

Make sure when emailing that you are targeting one type of email at mobile customers and another for computer users. This is so you can cater for the smaller screens and customs that mobile devices enforce on emails. Targeting the correct users for your ecommerce website deals will ensure the right response.

Don't spam users with deals about dishwashers if they have never looked at dishwashers on your website. That's not to say you should never make suggestions, look at what they browse mainly and see what close products there are they you could suggest. E.g. if they look at remote controlled cars, deals on batteries may also be useful to them.

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