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Posted on 18 Jan 2012
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Responsive web design is the major problem solver when it comes to screen resolution issues. For many years, the standard practice has been to always design your ecommerce website to fit the smallest screen resolution (1024 x 768px) as this is or now was the most common resolution used by customers, and simply scale it up for customers on larger screens.

Why Is Responsive Web Design Important?

With technology progressing and screen sizes increasing the average screen size is also increasing. However there are still people who use a smaller screen to view the web and large ecommerce solutions will mean an unpleasant viewing experience for them. Another important point to make is with the power and increase in smart phones and tablet computers, which also feature smaller screens, large ecommerce websites will also not display correctly and cause viewing issues for these users too.

There are several answers, the first is to create a website that can fit on the smallest resolution (1024x768px) this will mean the largest majority of people can view your website with minimal problems. However this means you have a small website that on larger resolution screens will look small and not as impressive.

The second answer is to create a large website and have an alternative smaller site for mobile devices and smaller screen resolutions. The problem with this is that this will require having to manage multiple ecommerce solutions which is time consuming and can result in inconsistency's with your site.

The final solution is to use a responsive website design. This technique ensures that you only need one ecommerce solution and no matter what size screen or resolution it is viewed on it will automatically change its shape and grid and shuffle content to the correct places in an instant.

This means that on a small screen the most optimised layout is shown, and for the largest screen a different optimised layout is shown. Best of all only one website design is required cutting down on website management time.

Design Your Website For Your Customers!

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