The Benefits Of Grids In Web Design

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In the world of graphic design (and that includes website design), grids are an extremely vital tool. They are an essential part of the process whether you live by them or ignore them.

However, when you use a grid, it must be a conscious decision, especially in eCommerce solutions. If you don't use a grid you must plan not to, and plan how you aren't going to. Otherwise your ecommerce website won't work as a composition.

Why Are Grids Beneficial In Site Design?

One grid technique, in ecommerce website design, that tends to offer high levels of flexibility is the 960 grid. The 960 refers to the width in pixels of your final composition and can be used for a range of different column numbered grids.

It can be used to create 12-column 16-column and 24-column grids, all of which provide a great deal of layout flexibility within your ecommerce website design due to each number having a good number of factors.

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