The Pros And Cons Of Responsive Ecommerce

Posted on 24 Oct 2014
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Responsive ecommerce is a type of web design which uses one set of URLs and one set of HTML code to create a website that adapts to different devices. Responsive sites are also managed from one content management system, so managing the website on multiple devices is easier.

What Are The Pros Of Responsive Ecommerce?

One Website – Instead of having a mobile specific site which is run separately to the main website, responsive design means businesses only need to manage one site. This means there is less maintenance involved and all customers can access the same content on every device.

User Experience – Responsive ecommerce websites can be designed for specific devices. Designers can rework content, features and navigation to optimise it for each device. The website will become more interactive on tablets, and become less cluttered on smart phones for easy navigation and access.

Increased Conversions – More and more online shoppers are using mobile devices to buy online. A responsively designed site will ensure the user experience is quick and easy on all devices, so the website converts more visitors into sales. If a user is satisfied with the mobile experience and on desktops, they are also more likely to return.

Improved SEO – Because the website runs from one URL and one set of code, there is no duplicate content created by having a separate mobile site. This means less work for Google to rank and index web pages, which is why they also recommend responsive web design.

What Are The Cons Of Responsive Ecommerce?

Load Speed – Loading speeds online have a major effect on the user experience. A slow website will influence a user's satisfaction and could impact conversion rates. Because responsive ecommerce sites run from a single URL and one set of code, the mobile device will still load the same content as a web browser. The content is hidden, but it still takes a little longer for the content to load. At Advansys, we build the responsive website from the mobile up which can help optimise performance.

Cost – The initial cost of building and designing a responsive site is relatively hig compared to regular websites. This is due to the complexity of the process, but as responsive ecommerce becomes more popular the premium could significantly decrease.

Mobile Specific Content – Websites can benefit from providing mobile specific content which is more convenient. Mobile users tend to be on the go and prefer content which is brief, to the point and can be quickly referenced.

Responsive design has its benefits and flaws, but development will tackle the problem of load speeds and cost.

Responsive Ecommerce Solutions From Advansys.

At Advansys, we have years of experience ecommerce and our responsive design solutions are among the best and fastest. Converting from a mobile specific to a responsive site is much easier to manage with our platform Razor which was built using Bootstrap, a technology developed by Twitter. Our solution builds from the mobile up for better optimisation.

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