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Posted on 14 Nov 2011
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Keeping on top of what is current and “in" in the world of website design can often seem like a mammoth task. Luckily this short list is here to help break down the key aspects of what is “in" right now in 2011-2012.

What Are The Latest Features Of eCommerce Web Design?

Below are a few key areas that you should consider when carrying out website development for your business.

  • HTML5 & CSS3 – The most important and number one trend with ecommerce websites of 2011 is HTML5 and CSS3 they make websites easier to build and link with social tools. But what about flash? Well flash has always been somewhat of a necessary evil, but now with HTML5 the same effects that flash provided can be achieved, but without all the compatibility issues that flash has.
  • Mobile Device compatibility – More and more people are accessing the web with the use of different mobile devices, from mobile phones to tablets; if your website can't be shown on a mobile device you are depriving quite a growing audience access to your ecommerce website.
  • Dynamics, Parallax scrolling & 3D websites–Two very important examples of modern and exciting dynamics that can really add the “Wow" factor to any ecommerce website design. Definitely worth an investigation.
  • Touch screen friendly – With the invention of the touch screen it seems that they are appearing on every device imaginable. Mobiles, tablets and now even home PC's are all jumping onboard to the Touch screen ride. But how does this relate to ecommerce website design? Well websites now need to accommodate fingertip navigation, as fingers are a lot bigger than mouse pointers.
  • 1140 CSS Fluid Grid - High-resolution monitors are now very affordable, and website designers will be taking advantage of that extra space. For many years designers have been basing all websites on 1024x768 pixels, which was the average monitor resolution a few years ago. The 1140 Fluid Grid was designed to automatically adjust to any resolution and neatly rearrange content and display it beautifully.
  • Single page design – Offer a simplistic feel to an ecommerce website and drawing inspiration from mobile phone apps these offer varying screen size adjustment and easier navigation.
  • Large images – Websites have always used large images but often these where cut off or not fully displayed. However now with higher resolution monitors becoming more common in homes websites can now take advantage of this and use much larger, striking images effectively.

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