Why does your business need responsive ecommerce web design?

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Websites are no longer just viewed on desktops. Now that mobile phones come with internet and tablets are the latest thing, websites can be viewed on a range of different devices. It is important to think about what device your website will be viewed on so that you can make sure your website is the best it can be to attract customers.

How does responsive ecommerce web design work?

There are three key features that responsive ecommerce web design uses to adapt to different devices. These features are fluid grids, which mean that elements on the webpage are 'laid on a grid and sized based on relative units like percentages, rather than absolute units'.

Another feature of responsive design is flexible images. This means the images will change size according to the device that they are being viewed on so that they are not stretched or squashed but viewed at their best.

The final feature is media queries, this means that the website can detect what device the website is being viewed on and adjust the size and layout without having to be prompted.

What are the benefits Of Responsive Ecommerce?

It is advantageous for your company to have responsive ecommerce web design; this is as it shows your website on all devices at its best. This means that on a mobile the website will have all the important information at the top of the page so the customer does not have to scroll through pages and pages to get to the information they want. This makes your website more user friendly and means that the customer will not click off your website, giving your website a high bounce rate.

It is important for your company not to receive a high bounce rate, t because if it does search engines, such as Google, will assume it does not have the relevant information that the customer is looking for when they type in those keywords. Your company's website will get bumped down the list of search results, making it less likely it will be viewed.

Google, and other major search engines, favour responsive ecommerce web design and will put these websites higher on their search results for a search made on a mobile phone.

It also beneficial for your company to use responsive ecommerce web design as it means that you will not need separate websites for each device. This means that you will not have to hire more manpower to oversee these new websites so that you can focus all your resources on making one of your websites great. Creating this website using responsive design means that your customers have a better browsing experience. In turn, you'll see more conversions and an increase in your profits.

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