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How do your keep your customers or prospects engaged with your content - what makes your website messaging convert a browser into a buyer or a lead into a sale? Content isn't just for social media and bloggers, it applies to everything on your website. If your content doesn't engage your customer, then your customer won't engage with you.

Digital content is designed to be consumed in short sharp bursts. As website users we expect to find what we want with the minimum amount of clicks and we are used to consuming information in 'bite-sized' chunks. Our preferences regarding the content we read or gravitate towards are no different to our behaviours as a 'consumer' on a website.

Writing killer content

If you want your customer to read a product or service description, a social media post or an article, you simply can't assume that as the customer or lead is on your website they are obviously interested and will read everything you have written - they won't.

All content you create has to engage the reader and hold their attention. So, how do you do this?

Short, sharp headlines

Firstly, you need a short, sharp headline. You want something that grabs the customers attention and want to read on. Think about newspaper headlines, if a heatwave was being predicted, you wouldn't see this screaming from the newspaper stands:-

Weather forecasters predict that a heatwave is on its way for the whole of the country with temperature reaching 25 degrees

You would see:-

Summer Scorcher Predicted

Straight away, you know what the article will be about without having lost interest and not bothering to read the whole headline - if your customer doesn't bother to read your headline then of course, they aren't going to bother with the content either.

So, you have your killer headline, what next? How do you keep the customer on your website and funnel them towards the end goal - conversion.

Answer questions, solve problems

The way you write needs to appeal to your target audience - you need to answer their questions or solve their problems with your products or services. Think about these 3 points when writing your content:-

  • Why is the customer or lead on your website - what is it they are looking for or need help with - and how can you solve this requirement for them?
  • Your tone & vocabulary - will it appeal to your customer or target market?
  • Your keywords - think about the wording you use and how this will 'hook in' the customer you want (this will also help as you will be using keywords which the user may have typed into a search engine)

You now have the customer hooked in. How do you keep them reading - and ultimately - converting?

Use a 'conversational' tone

Enter the 'bucket brigade'. These are essentially 'fillers' and are great for longer pieces of content. They allow you to write one to three sentences per paragraph but break the copy up with the 'filler' which gives the illusion of an easy to read piece of content which has been written in an easy to digest conversational tone.

To finish this article with a bucket brigade example 'filler'....

If you read this far, my tips have worked!

Writing content isn't a daunting task if you follow these tips and find a formula that works for you and the customers you want to attract. Keep reading my blogs and you will see how all of the tips and tricks I cover form a start, middle and end into making sure your website performs and ultimately converts browsers into buyers and leads into sales.

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