Advansys Attend National Business Awards 2011

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On the 8th November Advansys attended the Orange National Business Awards 2011 to award the Small Online Business of the Year Accolade. We were proud to be able to award this prestigious prize to Econsultancy, a fellow eCommerce business.

The eCommerce Business Awards

The night was spent recognising the achievements of other eCommerce companies and the benefits of eCommerce solutions in business. As a B2C and B2B supplier of specialist ecommerce solutions ourselves, Advansys were excited to have the chance to be able to demonstrate the benefits of a professional ecommerce site and to congratulate others on having had success in ecommerce at the National Business Awards.

Allowing small companies to a go a long way, our ecommerce solutions save you time and money by giving you an easy-to-manage CMS which allows you to deal with orders and deliveries with ease, saving you both time and money so you can devote more attention to other areas such as customer service. The variety of companies we met at the National Business Awards shows how a great eCommerce solution can benefit companies of all types and sizes; from small businesses to large multinational companies.

We would like to offer our warm congratulations to all those who won that night and would like in particular to say congratulations to eConsultancy for winning the Small Online Business of the Year award at the National Business Awards 2011.

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