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Advansys now offer payment gateways UAE eCommerce integration solutions as part of their ecommerce platforms. The selection of payment gateways available to the UAE in the past appears to have been limited, making it difficult for UAE merchants to produce ecommerce sites or offer online payment. Advansys realise there is a problem with this and as a result we now offer payment gateways UAE solutions as part of our ecommerce platforms.

Integrate Your eCommerce Solution With UAE Payment Gateways

We offer an eWallet solution as part of our UAE payment gateways so you can easily accept credit and debit cards without hassle. In addition to this, little is charged for transactions, with only a small fee of $0.30+20% being charged per transaction. Any funds you may wish to withdraw can be done so for a small charge of only 1.50 euros (approx. $2) regardless of the amount you wish to take out.

We offer all this along with the advantages of not needing a merchant ID, not having to deposit with any local banks and no set up is needed!

UAE payment gateways provide your customers with the knowledge that they are safe in the hands of a merchant in use of a credited payment gateways provider.

Furthermore, our payment gateways UAE solutions mean that along with your high CRO ecommerce platform you are also being offered an easily manageable solution to the handling of your online selling.

For more information about how our payment gateways UAE solutions, and other forms of eCommerce integration, can improve your business, contact or alternatively call us on 0845 838 2700.

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