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Posted on 01 Dec 2014
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A digital business card; that is the best way to think of your business' website, particularly if you advertise locally instead of online. It is often your customer's first interaction with your business and, as such, is the key to making your business stand out, to making certain that the customer will remember your brand.

Your website needs to be a reflection of your offline and in-store personality, advertising and design. In recent studies, more than 70% of people said that they judged a business based on its website, so it is important that it conveys a sense of legitimacy.

What Can We Do?

Advansys offers a range of services with one aim in mind: to improve your business. We do this by turning your website into an accurate representation of your brand, following your specific requirements, and building you a website that both you and your customers are happy with. We offer expert web design in Wigan from our offices.

Effective, Contemporary And Attractive Web Design

Designing truly effective ecommerce websites is a skill that is different from any other form of design. Every website has its own specifications, and it takes an experienced and professional team to realise these specifications and to effectively design a website that perfectly complements a client's business. Our design team have strong experience, a proven success rate and have been responsible for designing high converting ecommerce, Brochure and Static websites for several years.

At Advansys, our design team make certain that they are kept up to date on the latest innovations in technology and recent trends of web design. So whether you need a business compatible with multiple devices, integrating with social media or taking advantage of any other aspect of Web 2.0, you can be certain that the design of your site will be as contemporary now as it will be in several years time.

Fantastic web design is not about having all the latest technology available, however, and as such the development composing Advansys' web design in Wigan services are certain that they remain focused on creating the website you want for your business and making certain that every element of the website's design works to achieve the objectives you set for it.

Content Management System

This is the system which enables our Brochure Web Design solution to add unlimited products and pages of information via a single interface. The CMS allows you to regularly update your website, making it easier to reflect your offline and in-store advertising and promotions on your website, overall creating a synergy which adds to the legitimacy of your business.

If a holiday was approaching, say, your website could easily be adjusted to reflect the time of year. You could decorate your site with reindeer or elves in December, bats and pumpkins in October and chocolate eggs in March, adding further authenticity and professionalism to your brand.

Overall, Advansys' Web Design Team care about communicating the ethos of your brand, of improving the amount of time people spend browsing your website and the audience engagement, and lowering the abandonment rate. We offer professional and innovative web design solutions in Wigan and the North-West.

Stunning Web Design In Wigan From Advansys

For more information on our services offering web design in Wigan, or to talk about your ecommerce options, give us a call on 0845 838 2700 or email us at

We’re always happy to help and can help you take your business in the right direction.

You are always welcome to visit us in our Wokingham office or you can also call us on 0118 380 0201 and drop us a message via our the website.

We'd love to show you how you can get more web traffic and leads, increase your online sales, provide better customer service & grow online.

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