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For many retail companies the Christmas period is where they make a considerable amount of their revenue. Particularly for stores that sell toys, electronic goods and jewellery. The purse strings are significantly loosened as consumers rush to complete their Christmas shopping list and are prepared to pay almost any price to ensure they can tick off every item on that list before the 25th December.

Ecommerce websites can also experience similar mad rushes with more unstable sites buckling under the increased influx of traffic, which can seriously damage your ability to convert during this lucrative time. Shoppers have no time to waste and they need to be confident that their transaction will be processed correctly and efficiently with delivery not a day late.

Is Your Ecommerce Website Ready for Christmas?

One of the best ways to prepare for a stressful and busy situation is to do your homework and prepare accordingly. Are all the key aspects of your ecommerce website fully optimised and ready to operate? Do you know roughly what to expect? Are there any additional ecommerce solutions you can utilise such as mcommerce or multi channel ecommerce through eBay integration? If you cannot confidently determine these factors or anything similar to this, contact an ecommerce solutions expert that can provide an accurate picture of what your specific online business may need in order to thrive this Christmas.

Advansys for example are a leading ecommerce website solutions specialist that works in partnership with their clients to create bespoke B2C and B2B solutions that lead to long term online business success.

Ecommerce Trends and Statistics for Christmas

An infographic was recently published detailing interesting trends and statistics on US online Christmas shopping. The following information can prove useful for many UK ecommerce websites preparing for this time as the British ecommerce industry often reflects the American one.

  • Online sales this Christmas will account for 24.3% of total ecommerce sales in 2012
  • 1 in 4 online consumers purchase their gifts from daily deal websites
  • 14.6% of traffic and 11% of retail sales are from mobile devices • The following factors influence Christmas shopping purchases the most: Free Shipping, Last Minute Sales, Coupons, Gift Sets/Complementary Items, Flexible Payment Plans
  • A majority of shopping takes place early to mid December
  • Average order values of people shopping on Tablets ($111), Desktops ($96) and Smartphones ($71).

No Complaints This Christmas With Advansys

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