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In the world of ecommerce websites reports from companies have said they have had a major growth of sales when they have moved onto multi channel ecommerce platforms, this is because it offers the customer more options and also a touch of personalisation to their needs. For companies like House of Fraser, they found that they were falling behind in sales but also with customer feedback it showed that they found their website difficult to use. 

When combining a multi channel platform to your website it offers customers a joined up experience in that the existing and new market channels are marketed more closely. The new and innovative marketing techniques offer the shoppers totally different shopping experiences. The use of a mobile device has made an incredible impact on House of Fraser's online sales, accounting for 10% of all their sales and looking to rise to 20% within the year.

Optimise Your Sales With A Multi Channel Ecommerce

So when looking for a company that can create an amazing ecommerce solution with a multi channel platform, then you should turn to the team at Advansys. Here we have a team that has been working in the industry for over a decade and has a rich portfolio of incredible ecommerce websites which are all tailor made to meet the client's needs and market. Having a multi channel ecommerce solution can boost your sales significantly, which as a business you would not want to miss out on.

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