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Posted on 25 Nov 2014
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Advansys offer efficient and professional Global ecommerce solutions, including multilingual and multicurrency solutions. If you require bespoke ecommerce in Manchester and the North West, please talk to our professionals today.

What Is Ecommerce?

Simply put, ecommerce is business trading, i.e. selling products and services, through the internet. Over the past two decades, ecommerce has become one of, if not the, main methods of interaction between a business and its customers. It is rare that maintaining an entirely physical presence is financially viable in the modern world, where the customer can often expect products delivered directly to their door, and have the ability to do so with a click of a button.

Ecommerce is a stable and understood marketplace, and expanding into ecommerce in Manchester or the surrounding area is one the smartest decisions any local business or retail company can make. It opens us previously unthinkable markets, from distant parts of the country to distant parts of the globe, so your business need no longer be constrained by its location.

Global ecommerce Solutions

Ecommerce solutions provide your business with the ability to get involved in the massive online market, and offers your customers the chance to improve their experience with your website and, as such, with your brand as a whole. By opening up your market and encouraging growth, you are given the opportunity to advertise to new audiences you would not otherwise have been able to reach.

Globalising your business requires ecommerce solutions which advertise your website in the appropriate locations. Internet marketing techniques, like optimising your website for different search engines and in different countries, languages and currencies, can fully optimise the traffic your sight is going to receive and the potential customers who are targeted by your advertisements.

  • Multilingual ecommerce – In order for your website to be truly multilingual, your web development team need the ability to translate the text and images within the website's design, which enables speakers of a foreign language to read the information available on your site. Without this functionality your website will be restricted to English-speaking customers only, which leaves at least three quarters of the world unable to understand your site.

    With our bespoke solutions, we can translate your text for you, so you can simply provide the text and we can obtain it in any language the reader might select. We can even provide a different domain for each language, making your website even more SEO-friendly, if you are looking to expand your business across targeted countries.
  • Multicurrency ecommerce – Customers are no longer limited to comparing one price on the high street to one on the Internet, but are instead capable of comparing prices across the globe. Whilst this may result in the best deal for the customer, it makes the market an incredibly competitive place for a retailer.

    Having a multicurrency solution attached to your website can make it infinitely easier for the customer to see how much they are paying for your product by integrating the latest exchange rates from the single price, or by setting a fixed price in a specific currency; they don't need to spend time with a calculator trying to work out from where they can get the best offer. You can even take any additional charges into the price, so that your website could calculate things like Value Added Tax and include any shipping charges into the final price.

Many retailers thrive on the business they receive from different countries, and can often find that their products appeal to an international market over a localised one. By integrating both Multilingual and Multicurrency solutions into your website, and taking advantage of Advansys' Global ecommerce solutions, you can enable and encourage your business to grow across multiple countries, opening up whole new markets for your brand.

Ecommerce In Manchester And The North West From Experts

For more information about ecommerce in Manchester, and bespoke solutions from Advansys, be sure to visit us, call us at 0845 838 2700 or email us at

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