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Taking the leap into the world of ecommerce can often be a daunting task and an issue that companies can often feel will not generate the sort of sales that their current working structure does. Other companies feel that as long as they have a presence online then this will be enough to generate more sales. For some companies this may be the case but the possibilities of achieving excellent sales through having a well built ecommerce solution is immense.

An ecommerce solution has the ability to open up your business to markets that you never thought would be interested in your products or services. The beauty of having an online business is that fact that it can be accessed around the world from people in different cultures and speaking different languages. Directly targeting markets in different countries of course brings its own challenges in itself, but having an ecommerce solution means that you can reach out to them in a much quicker and effective manner.

Global Ecommerce Statistics

A recent global statistical report has shown that the UK is the 4th largest online market with an impressive 4.3 million online purchases made per month. Compare this to China who are 1st with 8.4 million online purchases per month and it opens up a whole new realm of possibilities. China's population and passion for online shopping means that there is a massive opportunity to sell your products and services to them. Not only China but the report shows that other markets such as Hong Kong, US, Germany and Holland are massive for online shopping meaning that new market opportunities are much closer than you may think.

Appealing To Foreign Markets with Advansys Ecommerce Solutions

With over 10 years experience in building ecommerce solutions for the likes of Tie Rack, GSK, Lucozade and Yakult, we have a very good understanding of what it takes to create, develop, implement and market websites that achieve excellent return on investment. Our ecommerce solution is flexible to create different skins of your website for different countries. Not only that, our team of international marketing specialists are on hand to market your business to different countries.

Find out more about succeeding online in many countries around the world by contacting our ecommerce experts on 0845 838 2700.

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