Ho Ho Holy Cow! It's Our Favourite Christmas Ads!

Posted on 02 Dec 2014
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Christmas Ads are a key component of what the nation has come to know as the Christmas spirit. There's no denying that, whatever your view of the holiday's commercialisation, the ads which grace our television screens are an integral part of a British Christmas. Advertising campaigns around this time of year have been amongst the best ever-designed, there's no question about that.

But it is worth remembering that these modern advertising campaigns are backed by professional and efficient eCommerce Solutions, such as those we offer at Advansys. These stable online retail platforms enable these businesses to take true advantage of their campaigns.

Our Favourite Christmas Adverts; Old And New!

  • Coca Cola – Holidays Are Coming! – No 'favourites' list is complete without a mention of this memorable advert. Many people use Coca Cola's famous Christmas ad as an indicator of when Christmas really starts and it is such an integral part of society that Saint Nick himself wears Coca Cola's colours! And who are we to argue with Santa Claus?
  • Tesco – The Wigan Light Show! – Whilst it might have slipped past quite a few of the other 'Best Christmas Ads Of All Time' checklists, in this strange advert Tesco haven't gone for the vague messages most adverts propose but, instead, have shown how they're interacting with towns and communities that rarely receive any positive or heart-warming mention.
    In 2013, @Claire_journo tweeted 'Why does Tesco in Wigan never have a Christmas hat', calling to attention the fact that many smaller towns receive much less care with regards to Christmas decorations than large cities.
    Tesco responded by staging a fantastic light show, featuring Santa Claus rocking out on an electric guitar and making a Christmas hat with the power of rock! I don't know about you, but we thought it was awesome!
    Also, the fact that one of our offices is located in Wigan didn't affect this decision; not at all; don't even think it. Okay, maybe it did a bit, but it's still a really cool ad!
  • Sainsbury's – Christmas Is For Sharing! – Previously, Sainsbury's best Christmas ad featured a tipsy John Cleese rushing around to set the dinner table for his family, without have actually let his family into the house. Cleese brought a touch of normality to the Christmas advertising world, with his understated humour of the kind every viewer could relate to.
    This year, however, Sainsbury's moving tribute to the centenary of the First World War combined with the wonderful Christmas idea that 'Christmas is Sharing' has taken the country by storm. A heart-warming, tear-jerking reminder of what Christmas has meant in the past, whilst still subtly encouraging customers to buy the specific kind of chocolate seen in the advert.
    And with £1 going to charity for every piece of chocolate bought, no one can say that Sainsbury's are taking advantage of the centenary as a blatant excuse to advertise themselves, though it is a pretty bold move on their part.
  • John Lewis – Monty The Penguin, The Bear & The Hare – John Lewis create the best Christmas adverts every year, from the modern Monty the Penguin, which has made people cry whilst watching it and has resulted in not a single penguin toy remaining in John Lewis' stores (and many other businesses because, at the end of the day, a penguin toy is a penguin toy), to last year's Disney inspired the Bear & The Hare.

    The advertising team at John Lewis understand how to tug on their customer's heart strings, and how to appeal to an almost forgotten sense of 'Britishness' around Christmas that acts as a stark rebuttal to the Americanisation of many business' advertising campaigns.

Advansys: For Your Christmas eCommerce Solutions

Each one of these adverts has been backed up by a strong in-store and online presence and, here at Advansys, we pride ourselves on offering effective business-centric eCommerce Solutions for our customers, ensuring that your business has a stable platform from which to grow.

With extensive experience in the creation of eCommerce solutions for a wide range of businesses and industries, we are confident that we can prepare your business for the holiday season.

For more information about how our websites can help your business to grow, please contact us today on 0845 838 2700, visit our website, or email us at sales@advansys.com.

We’re always happy to help and can help you take your business in the right direction.

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