Is EPOS An Ideal Retail Integration Solution?

Posted on 15 Nov 2017
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The eCommerce market continues to expand – more businesses each year are turning to online sales in order to maximise their profit margins. As such, any modern, forward-thinking business will be seeking new and innovative ways in which they can offer their customers the utmost shopping experience – as it's this, alongside the quality of the products and services on offer, that helps to retain (and attract) future custom.

With the nature of our online world being vast – it can be easy to get lost as we try and achieve multiple tasks, using a wide array of tools. Wouldn't streamlining our online tools, combining them with physical stockrooms under one system, not make things much easier? This is something that can be provided by EPOS integration.

Why Are Businesses Are Turning To EPOS Integration?

EPOS (Electronic Point Of Sale) is an easy-to-use software system that connects key operations through one single platform. Any well-developed EPOS system will be user-friendly and able to manage the supply chain processes in a comprehensive, cost-effective manner. Aside from creating a better experience for the customer, the system also helps retailers to be able to work more efficiently, which in turn reduces overheads and maximises its profits, which any online business should be looking to achieve whenever possible.

From the point-of-view of a customer, they would want to purchase a product by any channel they can – whether that's through the website itself, MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Orders) or mobile; it's become expected for any 'good' service to be able to run these channels with the same level of ease on each one. The customer, once purchasing, will also want to be able to track and receive the product – even having the ability to return it if required.

With so many logistics and distribution management issues to think about, such scenarios can cause a headache for the business – especially if they employ a number of different, unrelated systems that deal with each of the different aspects involved. From the point-of-view of the business, their stock could be held in a number of different warehouses, in different locations – some even distribute their stock on a 'demand-driven' basis. With so many things to think about, chaos can ensue with so many conflicting systems in place – this is why an EPOS system will be ideal to manage all of these issues.

The Benefits Of Implementing An EPOS System.

  • An Increase In Productivity. A better-defined system gives eCommerce businesses a better opportunity to organise their services; leading to a better understanding of how everything needs to operate. It's this better understanding that will help to improve and increase the rate of the work that the business is able to produce as a result.
  • Reduce Overheads. Another issue in employing numerous systems to undertake numerous tasks is the cost. Each system will come with their own individual price tag, which when calculated together, will place a strain on the budget. Reducing the number of systems will help to reduce such costs – so imagine how much will be saved if the business deals with just ONE system?
  • Better Stock Management. Possessing an accurate picture of their stock levels will give a business full control over its management; this is something that an EPOS system can help greatly with. One of the standout advantages of the system is that it can save a large amount of time in assessing, counting and tracking stock, compared to more traditional, manual stocktaking methods. What's more, being automated it can alert the business to any issues, such as low stock levels etc.
  • Better Control Over Prices and Profit Margins. A further issue in employing numerous systems is those vital details that can easily be overlooked or lost; this will only be of detriment to the business. An EPOS system gives the business a full, overall control of its costs and allows it to better monitor everything that it processes.
  • Efficiency and Speed. With a streamlined, automated system in place, the speed and efficiency of customer transactions will also improve. This can only shine a positive light on the business and enhance its reputation – an ideal way to capture their loyalty to the brand.

Looking To Integrate Your Business With EPOS? Choose Advansys.

If you're looking to improve your business operations with an EPOS system, you've found the right place here at Advansys. We are a vastly-experienced eCommerce solutions company that is constantly at the forefront of changes within the online industry. Our EPOS system can allow for your eCommerce website and MOTO to be integrated with your store stock control, central warehouse and accounting systems. This will give you the ability to produce real-time and historical reports at the touch of just a single button – with you having full control of everything at any time.

Our EPOS integration has already helped many businesses to better serve their customers, improve the management of their stock levels and even to carve out a great position in their particular markets. We understand that every business is unique and as such, our eCommerce solutions can be adapted to suit your business and its particular requirements.

Contact Us Today To Learn More About EPOS Systems.

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