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Business to business ecommerce is the process by which businesses transact the sale of goods and services online. Now these websites face a lot of usability changes when compared to B2C sites. The products are more complex, the customers are more diverse and the buying process is complex and complicated. In order to be successful you need B2B ecommerce solutions that will make your website look as slick as possible and offer a good user experience. As B2B ecommerce is growing in popularity day by day, any online business needs to include a proficient design and incorporate easy to use ecommerce tools. This will not only streamline existing business processes, but will also improve efficiency in commercial interactions. It will make it easy for the buyer and will also improve relationship between the two businesses. If you don't know how to give your clients something better, then turn to Advansys for help. We are a trusted provider of B2B ecommerce solutions and will design a website that will offer an excellent user experience to your clients and offer real business benefits to your organisation.

What can B2B ecommerce modules from Advansys do for you?

Using our advanced B2B ecommerce solutions, we will design B2B websites that will have various tools to meet the needs of your business. It will support different payment options and gives you access to inventory information. We offer integrated solutions, which will increase efficiency by eliminating the costs and mistakes of duplicate data entry.

An integrated system benefits your B2B buyers as well because they will have access to information about the quantity and timing of your inventory and thus they can purchase with confidence. It will have features that will offer increased navigational ease, promote customer engagement and allow for easy adaptations.

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