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Here at Advansys we offer both B2C and B2B ecommerce solutions as it is equally necessary to have a website which interacts with the user and can be easily managed. Our solutions are mutually applicable, although it is likely that B2B clients will find more use for our advanced, bespoke CMS systems.

How can our B2B ecommerce solutions help you?

Our B2B ecommerce solutions are bespoke to the needs of your brand and can be effective as a start-up website or can be integrated into your existing website. We understand that in order to run a successful B2B company, there can be many chains of information, e.g. from the manufacturer to the warehouse. An aspect of our ecommerce solutions include a fully functioning CMS system which can be integrated into SAP, MS Dynamics, Oracle, Sage,or IFS, depending on the suitability for your site. We appreciate that managing all these aspects of your company can be time-consuming and costly so we are here to help by combining all these aspects into one place.

But can you also help my ecommerce website attract business globally?

We can ensure that your ecommerce website is successful globally through our range of multilingual and multicurrency functionalities. Our multilingual functionalities will translate all the content on your site personally, so that phrases and nuances are taken into account for each language. Our multicurrency functionalities work to optimise your conversion rate through exchanging currencies which can be updated every day automatically. Both of these services can be utilised through the IP address or the user manually choosing the nationality when they enter the site.

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