Approaching The Next Big Things In B2B eCommerce Marketing

Posted on 30 Dec 2014
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With an increasing number of companies turning their attentions to online retail, B2B eCommerce Solutions have never been more useful, or necessary, to a company looking to expand into this new and exciting marketplace. When approaching B2B e-Commerce, there are a few things you need to be aware of if you want to make the most out of your business.

The Next Big Things In B2B eCommerce

  • Customer Self-Care – Utilising your customer as a means of self-service is an amazing new way to improve both your business' efficiency, enhance your customer's experience with your company and lower necessary support costs. By giving your buyer the ability to control their own access, or the access of their employees, track and manage their own orders and adjust their orders on the move, eliminates the need for time-wasting phone calls and frees up your support and sales staff so that they can engage in much more productive purposes. Though these features can be difficult to implement into a website, by making the most of B2B eCommerce Solutions your business can enjoy these benefits without the need for extensive periods of down-time whilst they are introduced.
  • Adopting B2C Marketing Tactics – There are reasons that the B2C eCommerce marketplace has grown into the massive sector it is today when, just a few years ago; it was an added bonus for a business to offer its products online. The convenience offered by B2C eCommerce and the additional features such websites contain, like related products, special deals and personalised offers, can all be implemented in B2B e-Commerce solutions, enabling your business to make the most of the advantages already worked out by a similar sector.
  • Innovate Online Ordering – The actual process of online ordering itself is, often, the weakest part of a company's B2B e Commerce solutionwith an overly-long or insecure-looking process discouraging buyers who had already convinced themselves to buy your products. By making the process as quick and easy as possible, whilst consistently making the buyer associate the simplicity of the process with your brand, you can ensure that you are fostering a sense of brand loyalty, which is almost certainly going to result in repeat orders. This works for both B2C and B2B eCommerce, but it is becoming more important in B2B eCommerce solutions, where the buyer's identity is becoming more and more relevant to the ease of the ordering process.
  • B2B mCommerce – The convenience offered by mCommerce is increasingly convincing buyers from both the B2B and B2C sectors to use their mobile devices whilst shopping (iPods, iPads, Android Phones and Tablet PCs) are rapidly overtaking the traffic arriving from traditional desktop PCs. In order for your business to be in the best position to take advantage of this growing trend, you should ensure that your B2B eCommerce solution contains, or can contain, an mCommerce solution. Using a professional company who offers both of these services can result in much more efficient synergy between the two aspects of your online presence and increase the amount of traffic which makes the leap into purchasing.

Advansys – Experts In B2B eCommerce Solutions

At Advansys, we have years of solid experience in providing B2B and B2C business-centric eCommerce and mCommerce solutions for a wide range of sectors. Our professional team are dedicated to providing businesses with bespoke eCommerce web sites, and our specialist web design team have created award-winning websites for a variety of businesses.

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