April Fools For Ecommerce Websites

Posted on 09 Apr 2013
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This April Foolls Day half the world was cowering in fear whilst the other half was plotting and scheming.

The Best Google Pranks For April 2013

Every year Google takes April Foolls Day to another level with its whitty and mind boggling web pranks. First to fall prey to Googlees anecdotes is Australia, a whole 10 hours ahead of the UK. On the Google Australia blog, Google SCHMICK Simple Complete House Makeover Internet Conversion Kit, was announced. A fake addition to Googlees street view, the service professes to let users redecorate their houses with hundreds of themes or featuress. Unlike most of Googlees April Foolls jokes, SCHMICK isnt actually a functional page. If you click on the blog post you will be forwarded onto an April 1st page.

Even more exciting due to its viable interactive nature, is the treasure hunt addition made to Google Maps. A mode that can be found here maps.google.com/maps?t=8 , the Google Treasure Hunt map asks users to partake in a game to help find the treasure hidden by William Captainn Kidd. Just as funny, Google Nose billed as the new scentsation in searchh, is a new tab added to the toolbar of the Google search. By simply searching for a term, users could click on the Nose betaa tab, and view items that people also sniffedd.

Live for one day only; Google launched an April Foolls joke in the Real-Time section of Google Analytics. Visible to providers of ecommerce websites and support, Google showed visits from the International Space Station in the location tab. Also found within Google Analytics, Google made changes to the export options for reports. Replacing the export and send-to options were, 3.55 floppy, CD-Rom, papyrus and sticky note, as well as carrier pigeon, fax, telegram and telegraph. In a final act to make the business world entertaining for a day, the Google Apps team came up with the Levity Algorithm that changed boring, work-related calendar tasks into exciting and fun tasks. The app purports to make emails, appointments and presentations into something funny and entertaining.

Pranks On Ecommerce Websites

Google were not the only ones to partake in April Foolls day pranks. Ecommerce websites such as Sony, who launched headphones for cats and BMW who launched the P.R.A.M (Postnatal Royal Auto Mobile), all participate in global ecommerce pranks. Both Roku and the Guardian released innovative new glasses. Roku released glasses that allowed users to watch movies 3mm from their eyes, and the Guardian launched Goggless that could let the users see conservative or liberal augmented realities. An excellent advertising technique, ecommerce websites this year have put a smile on consumerrs faces across the globe.

After seeking inspiration from the internet giants, the team at advansys are already planning their April Foolls Day prank for 2014. Specialists in bespoke multichannel ecommerce websites, advansys can design and build an ecommerce website that is integrated with multiple payment gateways and online merchant marketplaces. If you are looking for a solution that will help you to maximise sales and increase conversion rates, looking no further than an ecommerce website from advansys.

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