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Amazon Is Prime Example Of How Choosing The Best Ecommerce Solution Can Make Your Website A Success.

In a recent e-commerce performance index, Amazon has come out on top in all four of the performance categories. The overall website experience received 75%, browsing (76%), buying (64%) and after-sales (77%). It is rare for retail websites to attain such high scores at every stage of the online shopping experience.

The survey of 1,000 consumers resulted in an average score of 58% for the 25 sites tested, which can be marked as reasonably good. As a result, only a few changes need to be made to improve your ecommerce website's performance to give your site advantage over your competitors. In order to achieve this, it is essential that you choose the best ecommerce solution for your website.

Advansys Offers The Best Ecommerce Solution Which Covers Every Stage Of The Online Shopping Experience.

The basics of Advansys start with an online marketing strategy to drive people to your site. Advansys can then design and build you a stunning, easy-to-use ecommerce solution which will showcase your products to their full potential. Advansys has plenty of experience with converting browsing into sales, and can develop a check-out process which will optimise your sales. We also have a flair for retaining customers as we believe that the after sales experience is of upmost importance, which we then instigate into our clients' ecommerce solutions. Furthermore we understand all the 'small' details which will give your website the edge on your competitors when giving your users a good overall website experience such as well thought out designs and easy to use navigation bars.

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