Ecommerce Should be Efficient and Safe

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Ecommerce Should be Efficient

Ecommerce is about making the shopping experience easier for the end user. Ecommerce allows us to buy pretty much anything we would like from the comfort of our sofa. Ecommerce allows for round the clock shopping, whenever you like, wherever you like. As such, the demand for ecommerce websites has risen dramatically. As with any industry, so has the availability of ecommerce solutions. 

Whether you're looking to buy through an ecommerce website, or you're looking to run an ecommerce website, there's a few fundamental factors we need to look at to ensure we're using the right ecommerce facilities. Choose a solution that makes the process from search to order completion as smooth and efficient as possible, not only resulting in a better customer experience but also ensuring customers do not drop off along the order process. Ensure your products can be showcased in as much detail as possible. Product zooms, reviews, technical specifications all add value to the product and increase the chances of conversion.

Safe Ecommerce

For me, the number one factor when choosing your ecommerce website is the safety factors. You're handing over some very important information to that company, and as such you need to ensure that this sensitive data is kept secure at all times. How do they accept payment? How do you know it's secure? If you're looking to purchase an ecommerce solution, you need to check PCI DSS compliancy levels. This is a recognisable attribute and ensures that all payment facilities are secure. 

PCI DSS level 1 is the best level of security attainable, giving both the consumer and site owner complete piece of mind that all sensitive data is safe and secure. Furthermore, make sure that your customers are aware of the ecommerce site's security levels, you'd be surprised at how important this is to a large volume of end users. If you're buying, the site should detail the security levels of their facilities. If not, ask. If you don't get a timely response, the chances are that ecommerce website you're using lacks a good level of credibility.

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