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The ecommerce market in Russia is expected to go through substantial growth in the next few years. Global financial services firm JP Morgan, has reportedly invested an undisclosed amount of $40 to $80 million into the development of the popular Russian online apparel retailer, Lamoda.

For many online retailers in Russia, acquiring professional ecommerce solutions until this moment have probably not been as important compared with the US and UK for example as interest in online shopping has been relatively low in this country which is the largest in the world.

By being such a large country there is undoubtedly great potential to reach a large market of internet users who can potentially become online customers. A marketing research company found that the Russian ecommerce market made over $10million in 2011. By the year 2015 it is expected to grow 2.3 times so ecommerce solutions providers may soon receive growing demand from international online businesses looking to make an impact and succeed in growing markets like this.

eBay Integration for Streamlined Business Processes on an International Scale

Despite the sizeable investment in Lamoda, smaller ecommerce websites should not be reluctant to enter the Russian ecommerce market. Marketplaces like eBay still provide an excellent opportunity to tap into the market. eBay have already begun making plans to specifically target Russia with the creation of 'eBay Marketplaces for the Russian Federation'. This now gives sellers on eBay better opportunities to target this market where the average Russian consumer is prepared to spend around $150 on occasional purchases.

So for any online retailers that may want to capitalise on eBay's strategies, putting into place an ecommerce solution that streamlines operations between your standalone ecommerce website and your eBay account is crucial to your success.

Advansys are ecommerce experts that provide a range of services that includes an eBay integration module. This system enables you to save time and money as you can manage all aspects of online selling from different channels from a single interface.

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