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It is a tough time in the high street with many stores all over the country having to close up shop. In the mean time ecommerce websites are on the rise and taking in more money than ever before. Customers have the general feeling of comfort knowing that they can search for a product or service from many businesses without even leaving their home. During this current time everyone is out looking for a bargain and from the flexibility of the internet they are managing to do so.

ecommerce to the rescue!

Sky News has reported this morning about two conflicting pieces of data they have gathered. One report indicates that UK retail sales rose unexpectedly in January while other data reveals “mass closures of chain stores on the high street." This happened because of the huge sales that happen before Christmas and continued to lower after the festive holidays. Even though the retail shops were increasing in conversions this wasn't enough to keep the stores open.

“Multiple retailers like bookshops, electrical stores, home furnishings and menswear shops fell in numbers while charity shops, pound stores and credit unions bucked the trend." These type of industries need not to worry about their stores shutting down with a strong ecommerce solution they can gain profits on the internet. There were £68.2 billion spent on online sales, this accounted for 17% of UK retail sales. This meant that there were 32 million people shopping online last year.

ecommerce experience

I shopped online and in the stores while this data was being collected. My online orders were delivered promptly and shopping in the local high street proved surprisingly busy considering these reports. Unfortunately it seems to be dependent on your location. The Sky News report has a clearly structured image of what areas have been hit the hardest.

The great thing with an ecommerce website is that location doesn't matter. So long as your website is user friendly and has a consistent courier service to your customers; there is no reason why anyone, from any business sector, can't have a successful ecommerce solution.

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