Ecommerce Websites Must be W3C Complaint

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W3C is a certain set of industry standards and guidelines that have been set by the World Wide Web Consortium community, so that ecommerce websites will work across multi platforms of browsers. This also ensures that there is no error in the basic code, so that your website will be error free. Since the search engines work towards perfection and meeting industry standards, if your website is W3C compliant then it will pick up less negative scoring by the search engines than a website that doesn't comply. W3C compliance should be a part of your overall ecommerce solution strategy because it makes a big difference between top results, huge volumes of traffic and not being found on the search engines at all.

Being W3C compliant means your website can be easily accessible to your visitors who use a wide range of browsers. W3C compliant websites require less time and revenue to be maintained. Abiding to these standards also increases website download speed and makes your ecommerce website more compatible with future technologies. If you're websites are not W3C compliant and you're now looking forward to be, then Advansys can help better. Our team of web designers and developers are well versed with all W3C guidelines and can create professionally looking W3C compliant websites, which effectively maintain their integrity across a wide spectrum of browsers.

W3C compliant websites from Advansys:

Our W3C compliant ecommerce websites allows to easily making site wide changes. All our websites are well coded and can be easily accessible by a wide range of users including blind, visually impaired and dyslexic users. Websites are designed to be expandable meaning they can grow as your business grows. Ecommerce websites from Advansys can get the results you want.

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