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Survival of the fittest with Advansys ecommerce stores

The high street is becoming another casualty of the economic downturn. The volatile job market means that consumers are becoming more tentative about parting with their money. With inflation and job security looking to be a continuing issue in the future, the outlook for high street shops looks bleak. Disposable income is becoming a rare thing and this is evident in suffering retail sales on the high street. Recently this has been evident in the news that the Game Group has been forced into administration. However, if we look at online sales made through ecommerce solutions we can see a very different story starting to appear...

Avoid High Overheads with Ecommerce Websites

Offline retail stores require large investments simply to function in order to cover overheads such as rent and electricity. With the price of these overheads increasing whilst consumer spending is decreasing it is easy to see that a high street shop is becoming a less viable solution for selling. Ecommerce solutionshowever, allow you to sell without the anxieties of high overhead costs and to focus your money on targeting specific markets in a worldwide audience who are more likely to convert. In this way you can decrease you overheads and increase your profit margin. Going online with an ecommerce website is a fantastic option for businesses who are looking at sustaining their business within the current market conditions.

Game Group Suffers From Not Having Moved Onto Their Ecommerce Solution

The unfortunate news that the Game Group have gone into administration is just one example in which the cost of running a high street shop has caused a business to fall victim to the economic downturn. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) have confirmed that this is due to the high fixed costs that couldn't be met with revenue made from the underperforming market conditions. This could have easily been avoiding by transferring all business to the ecommerce solution they already owned, and thus avoiding the high overheads they have had to endure and making their international expansion easier and less costly. By not making more use of their ecommerce website, the Game Group have lost 277 of their UK stores and 2,104 employees.

Advansys Designs Effective Ecommerce Websites for Improved Sales

At Advansys we have in depth knowledge and first-hand experience of successful ecommerce solutions. Our team of skilled ecommerce website specialists can help you design high conversion ecommerce websitesthat will help you to excel in your market. We make an effort to understand exactly what you will need from your website and in accordance with this we offer custom made ecommerce solutions. To learn more about how we can help you to beat the death of the high street contact our friendly sales team now on sales@advansys.com or 0845 838 2700.

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