MCommerce Changing Retail For Ecommerce Websites

Posted on 10 Apr 2013
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In 2012, sales through mobile commerce websites totalled 7.5 billion, equating to 12% of the total 62.4 billion ecommerce sales for the year.

M-Commerce For Your Online Retail Business

By 2013, it is expected that consumers will spend an expected 87 billion online, seeing a rise of approximately 304% since 2012. For ecommerce websites this means the move over to a mobile commerce site will financially pay off. It is expected that within the next few years, m-commerce will totally eclipse standard desktopp based ecommerce, replacing traditional bricks and mortarr retail shopping almost altogether. To prepare for the changes ahead, online retailers are building responsive mobile commerce sites that will change in size and layout respective to the userrs device or device orientation. For an online business to survive, it is imperative that merchants build an m-commerce design that is optimised for all smartphones and tablets.

Due to the unreliable nature of mobile internet connections, ecommerce websites must create a mcommerce solution that is both fast loading and cross channel. Mobile consumers are often reluctant to open several browser windows, so as result, are more likely to visit comparison marketplaces such as Amazon or Rakuten. By ensuring that your products are visible on these sites, you will improve your purchase rates. Developers have created apps to make it easier to browse marketplaces and shop online, so consumers can shop anywhere. The entire retail industry can now be carried in a consumers pocket, enabling them to shop when and where ever they like.

Along with this, advancements in interactive marketing have made it easier for consumers to buy everything they see. Featured items in a video can now be directly purchased from the supplierrs website without the consumer having to search on their page directly. For example, someone commuting on the train could be reading a news article through an app and notice a watch they want to buy. By clicking on the advert, the user is taken directly to the product page and then purchases it through an easy checkout system. Similarly, shoppers standing in a department store can compare dozens of competitorrs prices instantly with an effective mobile commerce solution.

Also in favour of mobile commerce websites, improved payments solutions have made it easier for consumers to purchase with their smart phone or tablet. Digital solutions such as PayPal and Amazon Payments continue to grow and improve enabling consumers to pay with a single tap. Once new payments systems become fully automated, users will become more comfortable purchasing online through a mobile ecommerce website. Shoppers will also be able to compare the prices of the items they want to buy before they purchase.

Making Your Ecommerce Website Mobile

For help with building an efficient and targeted mobile commerce website, talk to the experts at advansys. Specialising in building scalable ecommerce website solutions, advansys can help you to create a fully integrated mcommerce solution. With their flexible framework, the advansys team of specialist mcommerce developers can create an innovative and cutting edge mobile solution that can be produced across multiple channels. For more information about mcommerce solutions and making your ecommerce websites mobile call advansys on 0845 838 2700.

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