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As mentioned in a previous blog, there are many reasons to have a mcommerce website along as a part of your ecommerce solution. It is quick, it is mobile and it is available to just about anyone who owns a Smartphone.

how has mcommerce grown on the internet?

The latest mcommerce statistics presented by Kelkoo suggests that mcommerce is growing a lot quicker than predicted. In the UK alone there will be an increase by 53% in the next 12 months making us the biggest mobile shoppers in Europe. There are 24.6 million Smartphone users in the UK alone with 8% of all online shopping completed on a mobile device. The amount of money people are spending on average is £192 each during 2011. Although it was the third largest amount in Europe it still is an incredible amount! It goes to show that people are confident using their phones to spend that amount of money.

how can you use mcommerce to suite your target market?

You can target loyal customers using mcommerce offers. This can be done with a SMS promotion. With a website you would send emails, with mcommerce sending SMS with links is simpler and your mobile compatible website can be seen in one click.

The danger of an SMS is that it could seem like spam. To avoid this we can help you make sure the SMS are targeted to the correct people. For example, instead of sending out a generic SMS with “Sale" to all customers, you can send out these SMS or emails about a product in their “Recently Viewed" that has become on offer. As a part of your ecommerce solution, this would also work with sending out SMS alerts for associated items, i.e. a bag to match the dress that was recently bought.

We know that there are many features that can be added to a site that can help the sale of certain types of products. For example, if you sell items that a customer would want to touched or smell before buying, something you can't do with a mobile, product reviews can really help. There are related products that can be important for items that are bought in bulk. Another addition is if the offer on the mobile, why not let the customer know it is on offer in the store too or alternatively let the customer know that the offer is only available online.

Apps, something I have not mentioned before , with this always being available at a touch on a finger your mcommerce site can be accessed even quicker and knowing how many and who is downloading the app can help you target the customer or widen the market. At the bottom of every page there can be a button/link that the customer can press to call your company easily without having to go through the trouble of copying down the number. For retailers, it is important to split up their mobile resources and recognise which ones have the strongest loyalty attached with them to increase customer service.

Advansys can help you achieve all the above and help monitor the results and use them to your companies ecommerce solution. Call us now on 0845 838 2700 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you.

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