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As the High street grows colder, the passion for British shopping is not hindered and online sales thrive! The internet is known for inviting youngsters to game, research and shop; but today's statistics show that the older generation are spending their money across the web and buying their daily products online through eCommerce websites.

Why Do Elderly Shoppers Opt for eCommerce?

60.5% of people who took part said they shop online due to the convenience whilst 53.4% said they get better value online. For elderly people the convenience of buying online means they can have their products delivered to their home, they can decide from a variety of trusted online brands whilst in the comfort of their own houses.

Especially now-a-days, with pensions being cut, finding deals on eCommerce websites is more important than ever. Having the choice to choose from a range of websites means that the older population can get what they need at prices that are affordable for them.

eCommerce Statistics

On average in the UK the normal person will spend more than 2.5hours shopping online every week and 12.6% spend more than 5 hours a week browsing goods online.

We need to understand from this that the British population is increasingly becoming an ecommerce driven country. The habit of browsing online, on different computers, tablets and mobiles, using different browsers and search engines to find and research products, is becoming a daily task for many people both old and young alike.

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