Ride the B2B Ecommerce Wave With These Top Tips

Posted on 26 Feb 2014
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With most attention being paid towards B2C ecommerce, little of the limelight has fallen upon the ever expanding market of B2B ecommerce. A survey in 2013 showed that around 57% of business buyers purchased goods online, and about half of them had spent over $5000 on their order. In 2013, Forrester estimated that the B2B market size was worth $599 billion and with more business buyers willing to spend more online, it appears poised to grow exponentially. But although B2B's market space is double that of B2C's; it is not yet as mature. There are a couple of big name players by way of Amazon, with their 'Amazon Supply' service and Google with 'Shopping for Suppliers' in the B2B field, who use their knowledge and reputation gained through successful business to consumer ecommerce implementations.

3 ways to guarantee that your B2B ecommerce project is a success:

• Multichannel and Mobile – You should make sure that you have your online content spread across a variety of platforms to ensure full availability of your wares to customers. Apply multichannel engagement to your field personnel as well as your ecommerce platform and customers, so that data is available to them in real time.

• B2B Merchandising Tactics – B2C is more mature that B2B ecommerce in providing customization and offers to attract prospective customers. It is important to provide product recommendations based on a consumer's buying habits and search/viewing history. Keep your content clean and categorized so that products can be bundled and grouped together. Depending on order trends, unrelated products could find themselves grouped together. Bundled deals improve customer engagement and revenue through cross and up selling.

• Self Care – By providing online self help for your customers, you can reduce the amount of phone calls you have to take, which can free up time and money to be spent more productively. It is vital to enable chat, email or call back options so that your sales and service team can be contacted in situations where a telephone may not be appropriate.

Whilst these are predominantly technology and data driven initiatives, which can be daunting to some businesses, the rewards offer enough enticement to invest time and money in them.

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