What Are The Trends In Early Stage Ecommerce?

Posted on 22 Jan 2014
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As ecommerce markets constantly grow, it is useful to track the trends of early ecommerce websites and know how they have evolved with time.

The Trends Of Ecommerce Websites In The Early Stages

It is quite easy to notice early ecommerce websites because they all have common features. These include:

  • Price–influenced purchasing. While the ecommerce market was still new and inexperienced, a lot of customers used it for finding the lowest-priced products. Developing ecommerce websites is a good way to hunt the most cost–effective offers online. When markets become more experienced, the selection of the products becomes based on the brand and quality.
  • Cash-on delivery-system. A lot of developing ecommerce markets tend to use a cash-on-delivery system. This is useful for customers as they do not need to worry if the product is delayed or does not arrive. This is also good for retailers who can be paid without bank transactions. However, this system is not easy to maintain and a lot of customers prefer different payment options.
  • Most consumers are from bigger cities. When new ecommerce markets are launched, they are more popular with customers from big cities. After the development of the market, revenue from smaller cities will start to grow, because it is a way of finding products that are usually hard to find in stores.
  • Few global ecommerce investments. It is evident that developing ecommerce markets are not a safe investment. Ecommerce investors usually wait for the novices to become more experienced and reliable.
  • More mobile visitors. As the number of mobile visitors to ecommerce stores continues to grow, new developing markets are likely to be found by users of various portable devices. It is useful for new markets to optimise their websites for smart phones.
  • Lack of customer trust. It is clear that new ecommerce websites do not look reliable because of their lack of experience. What is more, clients usually don't trust markets which use a cash-on-delivery system, or have a limited option for payments by credit card.

These factors show that the ecommerce market continues to develop. After some time, a company becomes more experienced and can make a lot of improvements to build trust in the eyes of the customer. Specialists in ecommerce solutions can help to improve the rankings of new and experienced companies in various ways.

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