Why Customers Will Be Pressing The Back Button Off

Posted on 10 Feb 2014
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Running a successful ecommerce website with constantly changing customer needs is challenging. One of the most important aspects of running a website is engaging your potential visitors - certain factors will drive them away from your site within the first ten seconds. Here are eight tips on what to avoid if you want to keep your visitors engaged.

8 Things To Avoid On Your Ecommerce Website To Keep Customers Happy

Creating a visually pleasing, easy to navigate website that provides a pleasant customer experience should be every ecommerce website owner's priority. However, some still overlook the following factors, which really put potential customers off.

  • Auto sound. Have you ever been in a situation where you land on a page and you're instantly accosted with a loud sound or music? It doesn't really matter what type of music, video or any other automatically played message you have- a customer's first reaction is usually to turn off the page, so be very careful when including auto sound on your website.
  • Pop-ups. Pop-ups are not necessarily bad, but there has to be a right time and place for their use. If they appear after 60 seconds a customer may well respond to them positively. However, if your customer lands on an ecommerce website and is immediately confronted with a pop-up, it could well be among the reasons why they instantly move away from the page.
  • Interstitials. No one wants to land on an ad page. People want to be taken straight to your ecommerce website rather than waiting for an ad to load and then pressing the continue button to be taken to your page.
  • Page loading speed. Users expect ecommerce websites (or any websites for that matter) to load within 3 seconds. No one wants to wait around for your page to load when they can be shopping somewhere else.
  • Typos. Grammar mistakes should not be tolerated. It is all about building trust and customers can't trust you if you are making grammar mistakes and typos.
  • Immediate sign up. Immediately asking customers to sign up can scare them. No one wants to sign up immediately; they want to see what your page has to offer first.
  • Relevancy. Sometimes customers want to see how active you are on your page, and how often you update your content. So if the last entry on your 'blog' was 5 months ago, people won't stick around.
  • About page. Every e-commerce website should have an 'About' page. Sometimes people visit your page just to learn more about your company or want to know if you are reliable before making a purchase.

What Do Ecommerce Website Users Want

Now you know what to avoid on your e-commerce website, but what do ecommerce users really want and expect from your page?

The true answer lies in fast loading pages, navigation and usability. Once a customer decides to shop online, they really do want to shop and buy, not wait around for the page to load. The experts at Advansys have optimised many websites with an eye to these factors- because after all, the easier it is for a user to find what he is looking for the faster he will make a purchase.

The rule of the thumb is not to keep your visitor distracted from the main goal – making a purchase.

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