Why Knowing Your Business Model Is Important

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Moving your business into the online world might seem intimidating, but you can make it a lot easier with a reliable ecommerce solutions provider. Our ecommerce development team at Advansys has created a guide on what should be taken into account when choosing an ecommerce solutions provider.

Flexibility With A Licensed Ecommerce Solution

Businesses can purchase ecommerce platform software and install it on their server. This licensed solution means that you own the code to the software and it can be modified in accordance with your general business development.

However, there's one disadvantage – you also have to maintain it. This involves finding a host for the website, then installing the software and checking for updates. A lot of the time this requires a team of developers to ensure that it's compliant with important industry measures, and new functionalities are installed. In case of a security problem in the system itself, you will be the one who would have to fix it.

Peace Of Mind With A Hosted Solution

If your main aim is to focus on your core business activities, a hosted ecommerce solution might be just what your business needs. The maintenance of your online shop platform would be performed by the hosting company. This is advantageous as the hosted solution will monitor your website 24/7; taking care of the maintenance, shopping security, etc. You won't have to invest in an entire IT structure, system bugs, tech support or updates.

Should You Buy Or Rent An Ecommerce Solution?

The most important role that often determines which solution to choose is the cost. On the one hand, a licensed ecommerce solution costs more in the initial stage. On the other hand, the monthly fee is lower compared to a hosted solution.

At Advansys we recommend that online start-ups should get the hosted solution. This way, a company can focus on their main business activities without having to bother about the technical aspects of their ecommerce web platform.

Advansys – Your Main Ecommerce Solutions Provider

Our team at Advansys offer a package of ecommerce essentials. We are proud to offer modules and platforms that:
• Are Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant
• Have secure check-out implemented
• Are placed on a reputable host
• Are supported all-round

We believe that once you identify your business model, you will know the answer. Let the requirements of your business determine which ecommerce solution you will choose. With the proper software, you will obtain a competitive edge.

If you'd like to find out more about ecommerce solutions at Advansys, please call 0845 838 2700 or email sales@advansys.com

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