Christmas Updates for Your Ecommerce Website

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For your ecommerce website to flourish at Christmas time, we offer a variety of functionalities to ensure that you don't miss out on valuable customers and dramatically improve your conversion rates. By involving some new functionality to your ecommerce website it means that customers are more likely to impulse buy and spend more than expected.

Have you considered a Countdown Timer for your ecommerce website?

A countdown timer is a simple but effective tool for your ecommerce website. It means that you can countdown to any big event. These events could include the countdown to the end of an offer or sale, countdown to the last day of getting your order in before Christmas, countdown to a physical sale in store, countdown to the release of a new product, and many more. The idea behind it is so that your customers are more likely to impulse buy because they feel that they are short of time.

Have you considered updating your ecommerce website banners and backgrounds for a more festive feel?

By simply updating your banners and backgrounds to a more festive feel immediately makes your ecommerce website more appealing to your customers during the festive season. Christmas banners and backgrounds are a relatively cost effective method of drawing user's attention towards your site and helping to encourage users to get into the Christmas spirit. Consequentially, users are going to be more tempted to do their Christmas shopping on your website.

What about an ecommerce website gift wrapping service?

The gift wrapping module gives your customers a little something extra. With hours of Christmas wrapping ahead, they will appreciate the option for it to be done for them. Choosing a gift wrapping module means that every purchase which is made on your site can be gift wrapped for an extra charge if applicable. This module streamlines your CMS system to take into account an additional costing on the invoice, sends the details to you, and allows a short message to be written. This is likely to give you an advantage over your competitors.

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