Experiment With Social Media on Ecommerce Websites

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Benefit from an extended social media presence

Within an established ecommerce business, it is easy to become complacent and maintain the same daily routines. Sometimes we find ourselves repeating old promotions, revamping existing blogs and posting promotions across our ecommerce website channels. Often we can become obsessed with monitoring and updating keywords in a bid to maintain our presence at the top of Google searches, and improve on existing pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. It is hard to prioritise our ecommerce goals, as the most important achievement is to maintain conversion and returning customer rates. If you are looking to improve your business, there are several easy solutions available across the social media platforms.

Ecommerce businesses have seen growth in sales, when they increase their use of Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks. It is generally acknowledged that one of the most successful ways of attracting new and existing customers, is through the use of email promotions and subscriptions. Through the use of the Wildfire platform, you can post sweepstakes on social media networks, such as Facebook, and tempt fans to subscribe to your email promotions. The sweepstake enables you to offer prizes and rewards to randomly selected entrants, whilst still promoting your ecommerce website.

If you are able to successfully utilise social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, you will be able to promote your ecommerce website and reach a wider audience than ever before. Online retailers have increasingly tight marketing budgets, and so through the use of social media promotions you are able to implement a cost effective marketing solution.

Interact with your e commerce customers

The benefit of using a social media platform for your marketing promotions is that you are able to interact with individual customer needs, and tailor your solution to your target audience. Facebook and Twitter enable you to engage with prospective and existing clients, and evolve your ecommerce business to another level. Social media platforms will enable you to expand your business to global cliental, and improve traffic across your ecommerce channels.

Successful e-commerce websites

If you want to expand your online retail business then consider an ecommerce solution from advansys. We provide bespoke ecommerce solution that will enable you to access a wider online market and offer your customers an improved experience on your website. Global ecommerce solutions from advansys will open up your website to your online shoppers and dramatically increase sales. Advansys can offer you multilingual and multicurrency ecommerce solutions to enable you to trade globally. If you want to find out more about the ecommerce websites, mcommerce, and cross channel ecommerce contact advansys today.

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