Foolproof Ways To Generate Better Ecommerce Review

Posted on 08 Oct 2014
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By now you probably know just how important ecommerce reviews are to your company's success. It has been said that consumer reviews are significantly more trusted (nearly 12 times more) than descriptions that come from manufacturers and the like. They're also great for free SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) enriched content, too. So we've put together some foolproof ways to generate better and more ecommerce reviews.

5 Different Methods To Boost The Quality And Quantity Of Your Ecommerce Reviews

  • Make Them Highly Visible – As we've said above already, consumers really value ecommerce reviews, and you should too. Don't make them hard to find. Plant them right by the product itself on the landing page, or, if you want more reviews on your company as a whole, add a page dedicated to that purpose.
  • Include Reviewer Information (with consent) – By providing potential consumers with an idea of other previous buyers, such as their age, location and sex, you'll give their reviews credibility, meaning that new visitors to your site will listen to them. If they're buying as a gift, they may be lucky enough to see if other people of that age liked the product too – making them more likely to buy.
  • Be Genuine - Don't attempt to downplay bad ecommerce reviews – acknowledge them instead by letting them be as visible as your good reviews. Let users read both negative and positive reviews so that they can make an informed decision. Follow eCommerce giant Amazon's lead; they let customers see the most helpful favourable review and the most helpful critical review side by side. Additionally, answer bad reviews as well as good, as buyers are more likely to remember the last interaction with you, according to the peak-end bias phenomenon, so make sure you do whatever it takes to change their bad opinion to a good one. It also shows potential buyers you care about their concerns and are willing to address them.
  • Ask – There's nothing wrong with sending an ecommerce reviews request via e-mail, but do it subtly. Make it more personal by asking them how they felt about the product they bought, or send them an e-mail which has similar products they might like too, and add a polite hint at leaving a review too.

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